Killed By A Crescendo

Reasons to Love Country

 Bill Carson and His Checkered Past

bill carson & his checkered past

Roses stream (availible to stream here only, please visit and friend Bill Carson and His Checkered Past on MySpace!)

Bill Carson has a posse, and they're bringing back traditional country full-swing. Slow and carefully placed vocals outline really tender and thoughtful tracks. It is exactly what country is supposed to make people think about.

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals

ryan adams

29 mp3

Everyone hates him, no one understands him, and he simply doesn't give a shit. And this doesn't bother me because the man has the talent of pumping out some really decent tunes every once in a while. While the tremendous volume of his lastest release with The Cardinals, Cold Roses, did not meet the success of Heartbreaker, it held very strong tracks like "Easy Plateau" and "Magnolia Mountain". In 29, Mr. Adams' newest release, and his third last year, he strays from his backing band to make an album about "growing pains".

KT Tunstall

kt tunstall

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree mp3

One wo-man band has a great hit single

Rocky Votolato


White Daisy Passing mp3


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  1. * chiara says:

    my name is Chiara and i’m a music journalist in Rome, Italy. the editor for one of the magazines i write for asked for a feature on mlogs and he suggested i interviewed some of you out there. your policy of only posting legal mp3s is especially interesting to us so i thought i’d asked you if you’d be available for a short interview via email or IM.

    please feel free to email me should you need more info.

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    Very Very nice information here… Thanks

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