Killed By A Crescendo

SCREECH!: Women of Music 2006

Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen O

 Gold Lion mp3

Now, everyone seems to be in upheaval over Miss O’s decision to trade her bad-ass, beer-spitting, psycho-frontwoman image, for a softer, more feminine, indie sound. I, personally, a huge fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest album–Fever To Tell, am not disappointed in the least by their new single, “Gold Lion”. The innovation is still there, their lyrics, for the most part have had an indie feel to them, but were wrapped in heavy punk guitars and drums, and not to mention, Karen’s screeches. For example: “Maps” and “Modern Romance” seem to be really reminiscent in the new single, and truly don’t make this seem to be a drastic change, other than the way the songs are performed. I don’t think fans will have a hard time making the transition to the new music, if you do find yourself somewhat disappointed, it may be because you weren’t listening at all to begin with.

Chantal Claret of Morningwood

Chantal & Bandmember

 Jetsetter mp3

Glam-rock this glittery should have a parental advisory label. Perhaps they already do. It was time for a little kick in the ass, and Morningwood brings it on full swing. Big voice with a big sound to back her up, Chantal has a problem with all you people, and you’re gonna hear about it. “Jetsetter” isn’t sun-shiny, it’s not indie, but you’ll love it. Bubble-gum pop rock about silly boys and naughty girls, and just that part of life where you feel that no one understands you…. yup, seventh-grade angst to the ‘nth degree’.

Alison Goldfrapp (Goldfrapp)


 Ooh La La mp3

Goldfrapp reminds me of an older Gwen Stefani. If it became Stefani’s goal to be in music for decades like Madonna. I mean, Goldfrapp is snazzy. Electro-disco fun wrapped in soft sensual vocal. A treat.








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