Killed By A Crescendo

The Phenomena that is…. Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor mp3

Scummy mp3

Fake Tales of San Francisco mp3

Why are the Arctic Monkeys so cool? I’m not quite sure myself.  Maybe it’s because their an indie band who’s on the top of UK’s charts (entered at #1, which hasn’t happened since the Spice Girls), selling out shows like crazy in in USA (even though they have no relases here yet). ABC had a story on them not too long ago, SPIN magazine featured them this month, and they have David Bowie’s support. It’s some crazy hysteria. 

After hearing all about them, I decided to check them out (finally), and was pleased with what I found. The Artic Monkeys hardly sound like the typical indie band at all. They some sizzling hot rock sound going on… hotter than eggs on a frying pan…hotter than a bonfire…. hotter than lava. Yes, their music is like lava, it flows. I still don’t understand what made “I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor” so popular, I find that their sound truly comes through on the other two tracks posted. The aforementioned leading single sounds like a super beefed-up Franz Ferninand, fellow labelmates of the Arctic Monkeys.

Currently, the band is on a North American Tour with The Spinto Band. I had originially wanted to see The Spinto Band show with a friend, but it is currently sold out (Philadelphia), and has been for a solid month. The show is about  another month from today, possibly longer. That’s how crazy-amazing this band is. So now that I’ve channeled my rage into discovering a new, awesome band, I’ll gladly be sporting headphones and listening to Arctic Monkey tunes on Sunday, March 26th.


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