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Guys and Gals: Songs of Green Pheasant and Cat Power

 Opposites attract. Which may be the possible explanation as to why both of these tremendous yet very opposite artists sound so awesome in my head right now. Donald Sumpner, the mellow-voiced British artist also known as Songs of Green Pheasant, released a beautiful low-key delight at the end of 2005 with his self-titled release. Chan Marshall, the settle and Southern beauty also known as Cat Power, returns from You Are Free’s success and brings up a turned-down and soulful blues album. Take a peek!!

Songs of Green Pheasant

Songs of Green Pheasant

I am Daylights mp3

Even though the chorus vibrations may sound somewhat, well, weird, they’re delightfully sunny and welcoming. It’s a great song to start the morning off to. An even more truly amazing thing about Mr. Sumpner’s album is that it was recorded in his kitchen on a four-track recorder. If you like Iron & Wine, i recommend Songs Of Green Pheasant. He seems to give a fresh and throughly ‘British’ flavor to simple and beautiful folk tracks.

Cat Power

 Cat Power

The Greatest mp3

“The Greatest” is a gorgeous start off to Cat Power’s new and impressive sound. The song is completely moving, it’s a song that makes everything seem weightless and transcendent; you could drop everything you were doing or were about to do and listen to Marshall’s steady voice.


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