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In Memoriam: The Best-Kept Secrets of 2005

 Yes, I suppose I must learn to move on by the success of 2005, but these bands have either made glorious music towards the end of 2005, or just didn’t recieve enough praise for it, or are just simply not known to the masses yet, so I present the following:

The Spinto Band

The Spinto Band

Brown Boxes mp3

Six-piece from Delaware blast out a haunting tune about moronic and miserable love. Diary except from a passive aggressive boy who wishes he could play Atari instead of being with his naggy girlfriend. My favorite song from Nice and Nicely Done by far.



If You Don’t Get What You Want mp3

They’re your most-likely-never-heard-of-em band from Belgium, (yes, Belgium) releasing their first studio album in six years, Pocket Revolution. Listening to dEUS sounds like you’ve channeled to days of listening to your favorite rock band from back when you wore Converse shoes. Even though the lyrics are somewhat beefheartful, the utter sound is just so, well…. pleasant. If you enjoyed this track, I’m not wholly sure if this album has been released in the USA yet, but they’re worth checking out.

Silversun Pickups

Silversun Pickups

Kissing Families mp3

L.A.’s finest. This indie band’s calm and collected debut, Pikul EP(pronounced pie-kul), is harmonic and jusitifiably one of the best indie sounds to come along in a while. And for an album 3 years in the making, it ought to. Twangy chords and boy/girl vocals make for a sweet and gentle tune.

Okkervil River

Okkervil River

Another Radio Song mp3

Okkervil River quickly becomes everyone’s favorite band from one listen, and if their entire catalogue before Black Sheep Boy Appendix EP, didn’t launch you there, this track will in a heartbeat. The reoccurring character, Black Sheep Boy is back in an even more harsh setting as Will Sheff screams out against the “…thing that is making its home in your radio.” Okkervil River has been trying to make its way to our ears for a great deal of time now, and I believe they are just beginning to, having been placed on many a ‘Best Albums of 2005’ list across the nation. “Another Radio Song” is easily the best song of 2005 alongside “For Real” from the album Black Sheep Boy.

Rah Bras

Rah Bras

No Furture mp3

I really did not like electronic or new wave emocore dance rock very much until this year, until a ton of stylish, fun, and consistent artists made debuts this year. However, I always liked the quirky and crazy sound of Rah Bras. EVERY song on their new album Whohm is wonderfully-eccentric. Synthesizers, giant drums, and Marie Bethel’s operatic voice will blow you to smithereens. If you’re a big fan of electronic, or just really ecclectic music in general, you will find no album more consistent in it’s quality and sound than Whohm.

The Willowz

The Willowz

I Wonder video

Bluesy-garage rockers made a breakthrough this year, and everyone’s digging the sound. So early in their career, the famous Michel Gondry offered to direct their music video for “I Wonder,” a soft, outspoken daydream. It’s a wonderful song, yet very different from their traditional ‘shout out rock’ tracks like “Ulcer Soul,” which are very different, yet equally amazing. Their two albums Talk in Circles and Walk In Circles have nearly no difference. Pick one, both are awesome.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin


Pangea mp3

Missourian indie rockers from Springfield are the best band to be named after a Russian leader. “Pangea” is from their latest album, Broom. Shoe-tapping melodic tune, and many more on their album, all recorded at Will’s house in the attic. Oh, and downstairs, too.



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    Another Radio Song is fantastic…

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